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A Inversão: Tecnologia x Pedagogia


No passado, e não digo muitos anos atrás, nós, professores, tínhamos o foco na pedagogia, metodologia, didática e os mais corajosos tentavam unir toda expertise da pedagogia com elementos tecnológicos para trazerem mais motivação e engajamento dos alunos. Tantos foram as inclusões em nossas aulas. Algumas ferramentas digitais duraram, outras nem tanto. Ainda me lembro, […]

On the mLearning Radar – Creating on iPads


I´ve just come across this box of mlearning treasures that an art teacher/teacher trainer has put together. Though the focus is on digital art, many ideas can be adapted for the language classroom.   Mrs. Fuglestad has also created a Smore page with ideas for ipad creation. What I think could be the […]

On the Ed Tech Radar – A Collection of Digital Posters Platforms for Educators

I have been part of an exciting teacher training program in the state of Rio and this week I´m exploring with teachers the possibilities of Digital Posters in the classroom. I´ve created this Padlet with some digital posters platforms that let teachers and students create wonderful digital artifacts. I thought educators might profit from it: […]

Making Homework Assignments Smarter for your Students and their Brains

One of my favorite bloggers, Annie Murphie Paul, has written a post about homework that every educator should consider as a guideline for better learning opportunities. Her claim, based on Neuroscience and Psychology research, entails making better use of strategies that are effectively proven to have an impact on learning.   Annie mentions three strategies […]