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Informal Learning in Future Lab

” Futurelab – Projects – Informal learning ideas via kwout “ I could spend days exploring FutureLab as an inspiration to my current practices as educator, EdTech supporter, teacher trainer. It provides us with the latest trends in so many aspects of learning Received wearing lovely pharmacystore have is minutes. Sale Was if functional […]

Walls Talking

“ Flickr: Walls Talking via kwout “ This is a totally simple and engaging project started by a dear Webhead friend, Sasha Sirk. Graffiti is all over, in some cases art, others vandalism. So, this project has the basic purpose of making a digital wall of graffiti around the globe, but from the beginning, I […]

My Valentine Webheads

Originally uploaded by carlaarena Everybody knows how thankful I am, WE all are to be part of the Webheads, a group of generous educators who are always there for you. We are in close contact. We meet, we share, we dare. Here’s all my love to my beloved group, the Webheads! Happy Valentine’s! Love, com […]

Twitter Mosaic

Many of us in Twitter keep praising the advantages of being connected through microblogging. Thanks to Bill Graziadei, I can now make a Twitter Mosaic. It’s clear to me that everyone in this human mosaic adds value to my professional and personal life in such meaningful ways that are beyond words.

7 Things Meme

My dear friends Seth Dickens and Cris Costa tagged me to answer the 7 things you don’t know about me meme. Well, as we start the images4education session, I decided to answer this meme in a more visual way. So, here it goes! Just click on this set in Flickr and in each photo there […]


Durff challenges us. “ Durff’s Blog: Network Challenge via kwout “ I’ve been doing exactly that for the past weeks. In fact, I’ve been discussing exactly that with a group of educators at It’s just great that Durff asked, for I’ve been thinking ahead and looking for ways to simplify things, but in order […]