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The Magic of Professional Development Claims for a Growth Mindset

For years I’ve been training teachers and coaching them to integrate technology into the classroom. The changes I’ve seen around throughout those years vary from none to new, reinvigorated professionals. How does the move happen?   Change will take many different shapes, from reframing an activity the teacher has already tried out to taking the […]

Surfing the Waves of Change in Education: No Action is not a Possibility

Serendipity is one of the strengths of a hyperlinked world in which the network is always providing us with learning moments and reflective checkpoints. As I was browsing my wonderful Pinterest network, I came across, by chance, this clean, unpretentious blog http://thingsigrab.wordpress.com/, and I couldn’t help but start browsing it, scrolling down, with my eyes glued […]

4 simple steps to join the mRevolution

For long, we’ve been talking in our circles of students as producers, not simply audience, and students finding their own voice. Educators know how important it is to move from our classrooms industrial production-like type of education. We’ve realized that there’s much more potential in networking, in giving back to students the control of their […]

Abundance x Scarcity – Digital Literacy in the Equation

In my presentation about how educators have been collaborating in our school, sharing resources, ideas, connecting, interacting, my first slide is about abundant and scarce resources in our workplace. First answer from the audience about scarcity in an educational setting? TIME.For me? INITIATIVE! Some people are willing to follow, but not to start a movement, […]

Our 2011 Overture

There is a blog and blogger that keep surprising me and just bringing joy to my daily life. Mission Amy is pure inspiration that brings people together, always with a mission. Amy published yesterday a 2011 collaborative overture. Compelling. Exhilarating. The 2011 Overture: in 25 short movements from Amy Krouse Rosenthal on Vimeo. My 2011 […]

Summer Makeover

In Brazil, before it is summer time, people start preparing for it. Gyms get packed. We try the latest diet, we go on a bikini project. Well, it is summer in the southern hemisphere and my makeover has just started! Time to take a closer look at what has been taken for granted for a […]

Say NO to Change

Why bother?Why leave the comfort zone for the unknown?Why seek emotion and a bit more of fun into our dull lives?Why should one work harder just for the sake of changing?Why even consider the transformation if all things seem to fall into place?Why innovate if someone else will get the credit?Why do something different if […]