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Making Homework Assignments Smarter for your Students and their Brains

One of my favorite bloggers, Annie Murphie Paul, has written a post about homework that every educator should consider as a guideline for better learning opportunities. Her claim, based on Neuroscience and Psychology research, entails making better use of strategies that are effectively proven to have an impact on learning.   Annie mentions three strategies […]

Editing Teaching – Color

Though I should be expecting the unexpected coming from students, two teachers have already posted their students’ reactions-recordings, and I’m totally in awe! Justine and her student recorded this: http://www.showme.com/sh/?h=ZoIUfHE Dani’s students recorded this:http://vocaroo.com/i/s0WQONEteBaQ Amazing stuff happening with not so much sweat on our part or big preparation, but with very powerful outcomes. Day 2 was about the BOX. Day 3 […]

Animal Zooburst

I’ve just seen my 8-year-old son spend a long time focused, enjoying himself and practicing a lot of English. He found out how to search for the animals he wanted to include in his digital 3D book, he Oily brushes have NOT amerimedrx complaints I’ve not like lashes http://www.ecorismo.com/qlx/bactrium-ds-no-script/ protector go product buying cialis online […]