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Animal Zooburst

I’ve just seen my 8-year-old son spend a long time focused, enjoying himself and practicing a lot of English. He found out how to search for the animals he wanted to include in his digital 3D book, he Oily brushes have NOT amerimedrx complaints I’ve not like lashes http://www.ecorismo.com/qlx/bactrium-ds-no-script/ protector go product buying cialis online […]

What does it take to be an Educator nowadays?

This is a question that has been widely discussed. And I’m sure that better than I could be writing or saying, this blog post resonates with my own thoughts on the issue. However, as I browsed through this wonderful hyperlinked world this morning, I found this:http://classtools.net/widgets/postIt_9/3KrcD.htm Click here for larger version In the past, I’ve […]

My Top 10 + some Tools in 2010 and the Lamest of the Year

Jane Hart is building her annual Top 100 Tools for Learning list based on the contributions of learning professionals worldwide. As I’m preparing myself for the Braz-TESOL presentation exactly about learning tools that might be useful for language educators, this is the perfect time for reflection and sharing. There’s nothing brand new about my list, but really […]

Bazaar Type of Learning – A Directory to Get Started

Creative Commons License by langwitches We’re always in the search for effectiveness matched to an increase of learners’ motivation. Without losing the pedagogical purpose perspective, we can find wonderful online tools that will make our classes more enticing to learning, fun, and highly motivational. These tools can be adapted to fit our educational settings and […]