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Facebook Collaborative Efforts Strike Again with Fridges Around the World

Once again, the power of Facebook connections and the willingness of generous educators to share a bit of themselves became a wonderful resource that is now available for teachers to explore with their students.   I asked a simple question, “What’s in your Fridge?” I got 21 fridges from around the world, an unbeatable multicultural […]

Stereotypes – Controversial Topic to Raise Cultural Awareness

Much has been said about the dangers of generalization and stereotypying a certain group of people. Now, how do we approach it in the classroom? Here’s a lesson plan I’ve used it in the past with my groups. The first part is adapted from http://the_english_dept.tripod.com/stereo1.html Choose two adjectives that you think describe different nationalities. punctual tolerant […]

Guinness Superlatives

Though a common way to teach Superlatives, I felt like sharing this Power Point I prepared for my class to practice the superlatives in a fun and lively way. Feel free to use it. Superlatives View more presentations from Carla Arena. After introducing the topic, I’ll have this quick superlative quiz with students. First, they […]

Featured Blog – If the Ship Sinks, We Have the Survival Kit!

I’ve known these creative minds for some time now, and they are just pure inspiration. Vinicius, Marina and Vânia are very talented teachers whom I’m lucky enough to have been working with for a number of years. They are tireless, fearless educators who inspire others and keep their students engaged through activities that enhance students’ […]

Excellence Lesson Plan

The topic is one that can inspire anyone and re-enligthen our understanding of what makes us unique, special, excellent human beings. It is a reminder of not just doing average, but really excelling and being thankful for the ones who helped us succeed. It is an opportunity to inspire our students and ourselves to go […]