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Identity Logs – Students’ Empowerment, Passions and Micro-revolution

Ever since I listened to George Couros talking about Identity Day in the Reform Symposium, I’ve been pondering about the importance of helping our students develop a deeper sense of belonging, of finding their own passions and drives. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make our learners’ inner voices bloom into more understanding of what truly […]

DNA Rescue – Part 2: Skills are Cheap. Passion is Priceless

Still on Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, “Crush it”, I can’t help it, but keep exploring the world of passion and our double-helice (DNA) historical perspective and bring it all together into our professional realm. Because of my last post’s comments, I was taken into the recordings of the Reform Symposium(Thanks, Mrs Tenkely!). If it were in […]