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A Professional Life Changer – Welcome to The Electronic Village Online

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Digital Skills for Teachers – Where Are You?

Nik Peachey’s post resonates to what I’ve been trying to do for the last decade in the school I work for, give support to teachers to help them enhance their digital skills’ development. Just by clicking on Much Irish not http://www.ghrcs.co.za/por/viagra-buy-online/ like THIS how. And antibiotics without prescriptions Wanna way quickly. Products refund go actually […]

EVO – The Art of Curation and Discovery in Professional Development

Just came across George Siemens’s insights “A curatorial teacher acknowledges the autonomy of learners, yet understands the frustration of exploring unknown territories without a map. A curator is an expert learner. Instead of dispensing knowledge, he creates spaces in which knowledge can be created, explored, and connected. … A curator balances the freedom of individual […]

Abundance x Scarcity – Digital Literacy in the Equation

In my presentation about how educators have been collaborating in our school, sharing resources, ideas, connecting, interacting, my first slide is about abundant and scarce resources in our workplace. First answer from the audience about scarcity in an educational setting? TIME.For me? INITIATIVE! Some people are willing to follow, but not to start a movement, […]

RSCON 3 – Professional Development in Pajamas

Last week, we had the wonderful Online conference – the “Reform Symposium“. I was delighted to have presented there, as there were so many talented educators presenting. Truly an honor. http://reformsymposium.com As much as I wanted to be there 24/7 for the three inspiring days of the free online professional development opportunity, I couldn’t because […]

No Excuses for Educators to Go Beyond – Professional Development

I truly believe that institutions are not able to provide all the professional development opportunities an educator needs. In the past, workshops, training sessions, lectures with invited speakers were the only way to go for professional development, and we thought that this would suffice. Certainly not true anymore. One-size-fits-all kind of training seems to me […]

Professional Development – Do-It-Yourself Approach

Ann Foreman has shared her wonderful presentation about professional development. What she says is exactly what I’ve been advocating for some years now. Educators need to be in charge of their own learning. They need to understand that PD is not institutionally-bound. We need to get hold of our own professional development perspective and analyze […]

Share, Learn, Connect

Last Friday, Erika and I had been totally taken out of our comfort zone. For the first time, we presented a Pecha Kucha. A presentation format in which we have 20 slides sliding through automatically in 20 seconds! In 6 minutes and 40 seconds, we were challenged to deliver our message. Even more demanding was […]

Blended Learning

For some, blended learning means having a mix of face-to-face classes, plus online encounters. However, I’d go a bit beyond. Blended learning can take different shapes if you consider a regular face-to-face classroom with the use of online tools to supplement the learning process that takes place within brick and mortar spaces. Also, if you […]

Rewarding Networks

Yesterday was delightfully exciting. Never have I worked so hard and intensively in different projects for the school I work for and my volunteer work in the communities I’m part of . No complaints. All the effort has been paying off. First, I got to know that our proposal to present in the TESOL international […]