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Professional Development – Do-It-Yourself Approach

Ann Foreman has shared her wonderful presentation about professional development. What she says is exactly what I’ve been advocating for some years now. Educators need to be in charge of their own learning. They need to understand that PD is not institutionally-bound. We need to get hold of our own professional development perspective and analyze […]

What does it take to be an Educator nowadays?

This is a question that has been widely discussed. And I’m sure that better than I could be writing or saying, this blog post resonates with my own thoughts on the issue. However, as I browsed through this wonderful hyperlinked world this morning, I found this:http://classtools.net/widgets/postIt_9/3KrcD.htm Click here for larger version In the past, I’ve […]

Leadership – Attending a Certificate Program in TESOL 2010

Murphy’s 8 roles for Intelligent Leadership: Selector Connector Problem Solver Evaluator Negotiator Healer Protector Synergizer The first 7 roles are worked on in order to have the synergy of a group in which the parts work best together than when they do it separately. Consider this communication ladder that we find in any organization: contempt […]