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4 simple steps to join the mRevolution

For long, we’ve been talking in our circles of students as producers, not simply audience, and students finding their own voice. Educators know how important it is to move from our classrooms industrial production-like type of education. We’ve realized that there’s much more potential in networking, in giving back to students the control of their […]

Professional Development – Do-It-Yourself Approach

Ann Foreman has shared her wonderful presentation about professional development. What she says is exactly what I’ve been advocating for some years now. Educators need to be in charge of their own learning. They need to understand that PD is not institutionally-bound. We need to get hold of our own professional development perspective and analyze […]

Summer Makeover

In Brazil, before it is summer time, people start preparing for it. Gyms get packed. We try the latest diet, we go on a bikini project. Well, it is summer in the southern hemisphere and my makeover has just started! Time to take a closer look at what has been taken for granted for a […]