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Educação Hibridizada – Conceitos, Exemplos e Recursos

Uma tendência irreversível de hibridização do ensino/aprendizado, utilizando o presencial e o online de forma flexível nos processos, no tempo, o modelo blended será o grande modelo do ensino/aprendizado nos próximos anos. Utiliza-se do presencial para a criação de comunidades e proximidade e também do online para as atividades em que o aluno produz melhor […]

A Remix of the Web2.0

Serendipity is always the best resource. I was looking for some resources to the online course I’m teaching right now, Web Tools for Educators, when I came across this MOOC – Teach the Web. Just as I was browsing through their resources (Mozilla guys know how to make it simple, exciting and connected),  I came […]

Surfing the Waves of Change in Education: No Action is not a Possibility

Serendipity is one of the strengths of a hyperlinked world in which the network is always providing us with learning moments and reflective checkpoints. As I was browsing my wonderful Pinterest network, I came across, by chance, this clean, unpretentious blog http://thingsigrab.wordpress.com/, and I couldn’t help but start browsing it, scrolling down, with my eyes glued […]

Online Teaching Videos

Curt Bonk is on my list of inspiration when it comes to online teaching and learning. I’ve gotten some neat ideas for my online classes from his book Empowering Online Learning: 100+ activities for reading, reflecting, displaying and doing. If you are really interested in becoming more proficient in you online teaching/tutoring/mentoring skills, you might […]