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EVO – The Art of Curation and Discovery in Professional Development

Just came across George Siemens’s insights “A curatorial teacher acknowledges the autonomy of learners, yet understands the frustration of exploring unknown territories without a map. A curator is an expert learner. Instead of dispensing knowledge, he creates spaces in which knowledge can be created, explored, and connected. … A curator balances the freedom of individual […]

eLearning Speedgeeking

This Sunday, November 14th, 13:00 GMT, join us for an open talk about elearning.Where? http://bitly.com/webheadsroom In a speedgeeking fashion and Webhead-way, we´ll have quick overviews on essential issues related to elearning. It should be was a lot of fun! Materials and recording available athttp://brazilbridges.pbworks.com/w/page/32550995/elearningspeedgeeking

My Valentine Webheads

Originally uploaded by carlaarena Everybody knows how thankful I am, WE all are to be part of the Webheads, a group of generous educators who are always there for you. We are in close contact. We meet, we share, we dare. Here’s all my love to my beloved group, the Webheads! Happy Valentine’s! Love, com […]